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Answered by Harry Mitchell

  • Answered by Harry Mitchell
  • 9 months ago

Why are circuit breakers not used in Australian exchanges such as ASX?

ASX does not use circuit breakers like those employed by some other international exchanges. ASIC applies a common set of market integrity rules (MIRs) for all securities and futures markets in Australia that all local market operators and their participants are required to adhere to. These rules include specifications about the use of Anomalous Order Thresholds (AOTs), rather than circuit breakers.

  • Answered by Harry Mitchell
  • 9 months ago

Can cryptocurrencies be used for illegal activities?

While cryptocurrencies can be used for illegal activities due to their pseudonymous nature, the majority of cryptocurrency transactions are legitimate. However, the potential for illicit use, such as money laundering and purchasing illegal goods or services, has been a concern for regulators and law enforcement agencies.

  • Answered by Harry Mitchell
  • 8 months ago

How can I stay updated on the dividend announcements and ex-dividend dates of ASX stocks?

Financial news websites, ASX company announcements, brokerage platforms, and investor relations websites provide information on dividend announcements and ex-dividend dates for ASX stocks.

  • Answered by Harry Mitchell
  • 1 year ago

What is meant by an interim dividend?

A dividend paid between a company’s annual general meetings is an interim dividend. It is a semi-annual dividend and is paid in the same way as a regular dividend.