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Answered by Isaac Moore

  • Answered by Isaac Moore
  • 9 months ago

Can cryptocurrencies replace traditional fiat currencies?

While cryptocurrencies have the potential to complement traditional fiat currencies, widespread adoption as a replacement is unlikely in the near future. Challenges such as scalability, regulatory hurdles, and the need for stability and trust in the financial system present barriers to full-scale cryptocurrency adoption as a replacement for traditional currencies.

  • Answered by Isaac Moore
  • 9 months ago

What does All ordinaries (All Ords) mean?

The All Ords index comprises the weighted share prices of around 500 of the largest Australian companies. It was established by the ASX in January 1980 and is the predominant measure of the overall performance of the Australian share market. Companies are weighted according to their size in terms of market capitalisation (total market value of a company’s shares).