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  • Answered by Lily Ellis
  • 9 months ago

What are the different types of commodities?

A diverse array of commodities exists, spanning categories such as agricultural products, energy products, metals, and minerals. Among the most prevalent commodities are staple items like wheat, corn, soybeans, as well as vital energy resources such as oil and natural gas. Furthermore, precious metals like gold and silver, along with base metals like copper and aluminum, are widely traded commodities.

  • Answered by Lily Ellis
  • 9 months ago

Why do companies IPO?

When a company goes public, it also gives private investors (founders/family/venture capitalists/angel investors) a chance to realise their investment and take some profits off the table. Going public also allows a wider audience to invest in the company moving forward.

  • Answered by Lily Ellis
  • 8 months ago

How can I participate in an ASX IPO?

To participate in an ASX IPO, you typically need to have a brokerage account with a firm that offers IPO access. Your broker can provide you with the necessary information and guidelines on how to apply for shares in an IPO. It's important to carefully review the prospectus and understand the risks and terms associated with the IPO before making an investment decision.