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Answered by Noah Harvey

  • Answered by Noah Harvey
  • 1 year ago

Is there lesser risk in IPOs compared to the stock market?

There are many risks linked to IPOs, which can make them an equally risky, if not a riskier ordeal than stocks. Due diligence is a crucial step that helps examine how an IPO could perform in the future.


  • Answered by Noah Harvey
  • 1 year ago

How often are dividends paid?

Companies generally pay out dividends every quarter or semi-annually. However, it is best to research each company individually to figure out their dividend disbursement schedule. An easy way to do this is to examine the dividend yield.

  • Answered by Noah Harvey
  • 7 months ago

What are some pros of investing in growth shares?

Potential for capital gains: By definition, growth shares have substantial potential for capital appreciation. For example, a biotech company working on a new disease treatment could be considered a growth stock because there is potential for huge profits and capital gains if the treatment receives regulatory approval. 

Exposure to emerging trends: Change in societal trends can be hugely impactful for growth stocks. For example, COVID-19 accelerated the adoption of online shopping, boosting the share prices of companies like, Inc during the pandemic.