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Answered by Xavier Roberts

  • Answered by Xavier Roberts
  • 7 months ago

How to identify blue-chip shares?

They are the market’s biggest and brightest equities — the companies investors hold in the highest regard. Blue chips have usually demonstrated the following traits over many years:

  • Financial strength: Low or modest debt, a strong credit rating, and plenty of cash
  • Attractive business model and economics: Defensible market position and generates good cash flow
  • Respected management team: Long-tenured executives with vital track records
  • Long-term growth: Strong historical profit growth and expected to continue growing earnings in the future
  • Strong performance: Share price has risen steadily over the long term and has exhibited reasonably low volatility
  • Significant market capitalisation: Typically has a market cap among the largest in its industry, if not the largest.

  • Answered by Xavier Roberts
  • 1 year ago

Is it possible to make trading a full-time profession?

Some investors choose day trading as a full-time profession. They do this because this field does not require individuals to be accountable to anyone, no formal training is needed and there are many different strategies to choose from. However, there are various levels of success and high amount of capital may be needed.