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  • 1 year ago

how does Swiss National Bank 2022 figures look like?


  • Answered by Lucas Gibson
  • 6 months ago

What is the role of the prospectus in an ASX IPO?

The prospectus is a legal document that provides detailed information about the company and the IPO. It includes information about the company's financials, business operations, risks, use of proceeds, and the terms of the offering. The prospectus helps potential investors make informed investment decisions by providing a comprehensive overview of the company and the IPO. It is a key document that should be carefully reviewed before investing in an ASX IPO.

  • Answered by Lucas Gibson
  • 8 months ago

What are some of the most popular ways to invest in commodities?

Physical ownership: Investors can directly purchase physical commodities like gold, silver, or agricultural products. However, this method requires arrangements for storage and may incur additional costs associated with safekeeping and maintenance.
Futures contracts: Through futures contracts, investors can speculate on the future price of a commodity without owning the physical asset. This involves entering into an agreement to buy or sell a commodity at a predetermined price and date in the future.
Commodity stocks: Investing in stocks of companies involved in commodity production or distribution offers exposure to commodity prices. By investing in such stocks, investors can potentially benefit from the performance of commodity-related companies.
Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) and Exchange-Traded Notes (ETNs): ETFs and ETNs are investment vehicles that track the performance of commodity indexes or specific commodities. They provide a convenient way for investors to gain exposure to commodities without directly owning the physical assets.
Mutual funds: Certain mutual funds specialize in investing in commodities or commodity-related companies. These funds pool investors' money to create a diversified portfolio of commodities or related assets.
Alternative investments: There are alternative investment vehicles available, such as commodity-focused hedge funds or managed futures funds, which provide exposure to commodities through specialized strategies tailored to the commodity market.

  • Answered by Lucas Gibson
  • 7 months ago

How to buy dividend stocks without a broker?

Buying stock without a broker can be an expensive affair as you would need to use a transfer agent or a direct purchase plan. The easiest way to buy stocks is to open a share trading account with your bank (such as CommSec